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Welcome to Galway Belly Dance!

Bellydance is the most eloquent of female dances, full of sensual movement which has inspired many movements in today's modern dance. It is an excellent form of exercise, which helps strengthen muscle tone and improve posture.

Lisa Bellydance

Health Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly Dancing is a dance that suits women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels and requires no partners. It is very easy to learn as students are taught basic universal steps which they blend with their own creativity and expressiveness. Although there are many male bellydancers it is still predominantly a dance performed by women for women in classes and at Hafla's



About me & Egyptian Dance

I first started Belly Dancing in 1999 after being involved in a car crash as it was recommended to me to help strengthen my back. Read More>>


My stage name is Amunet. Amunet was a priestess of Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love. Read More>>

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